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The best restaurants in Dubai

Dubai's gastronomy industry is vibrant and unique. Dubai will surprise and please everyone with a huge number and variety of restaurants. Here you can find a place for every taste and budget. We will tell you about the best gourmet restaurants in the city.

The best restaurants in Dubai - Luxury Stays


Coya is one of the most popular Peruvian cuisine restaurants in Dubai. The lively atmosphere of the restaurant is perfect for exciting evenings or brunches with friends. The sharp freshness of ceviche and tiraditos marinated in tiger milk, quinoa, white corn, and yellow and purple potatoes, as well as the vital concept of para picar (dishes served on the whole table), contribute to such popularity of the restaurant. Start your culinary journey with a tasting of tiradito, traditional Peruvian sashimi. Sweet concha buns, fried kancha corn, ahi limo peppers, and signature tuna in citrus juice with ginger and passion fruit are also particularly popular.

The restaurant is also known for its bright décor, which is perfectly complemented by contemporary art from Latin America.

The best restaurants in Dubai Coya - Luxury Stays

Lounge 101

101 Dining Lounge is a great choice for alfresco dining. Located on the private marina of One&Only The Palm, this luxurious restaurant-lounge specializes in Mediterranean cuisine. Among the signature items on the menu is Spanish paella with chicken, bomba rice, bell peppers, and onions. Dubai lounges located on the roofs of buildings offer their guests picturesque views and great opportunities for a variety of leisure activities, from a quiet evening with a loved one to a noisy party with friends. Here you can spend the evening in the cozy lounge by the water or on the terrace, enjoying the incredible urban landscape and views of the Arabian Gulf. By the way, since 101 Dining Lounge is located on a private pier, it can be reached by personal boat.

The best restaurants in Dubai Lounge 101 - Luxury Stays


Zuma is an amazing place with a Japanese kitchen. A trendy place that is located in the Dubai International Financial Center, which is very popular. The high status of this institution is also evidenced by the fact that this restaurant is listed among San Pellegrino's esteemed list of the top 50 restaurants in the world.

The Zuma restaurant positions itself as an izakaya, a Japanese catering establishment where you can sit and chat with a large group of friends. Dishes are continuously served here, allowing you to slowly taste each of them. You can order from an extensive menu of Japanese classics, including marinated sablefish, sushi, sashimi, and various small bites. The menu offers a wide range of seafood and vegetarian options. Be sure to try sushi, robata, and sashimi, as well as the most delicate ribeye steak with wafu sauce and garlic chips.

The best restaurants in Dubai Zuma - Luxury Stays


Designed in the style of a Portuguese diner, Tasca Restaurant serves traditional food and drinks with a modern twist. Guests will be able to go on a real culinary journey through this diverse and interesting country.

The wine list, which has the greatest collection of Portuguese wines among restaurants in Dubai, complements the meal.

The interior of the restaurant is also a pleasant surprise. On the one hand, there is a panoramic view of the city, on the other is an infinity pool and sea sights. Loud music, southern, relaxed mood. Delicious! But we advise you to come during the day for the sake of the view.

The best restaurants in Dubai Tasca - Luxury Stays


The epitome of Art Deco elegance, the sophisticated interiors, and East Asian-inspired cuisine take you back to 1930s Shanghai. And the menu offers authentic dishes of Pan-Asian cuisine with a modern interpretation. Try Peking duck, kung pao lobster, and Cantonese-style sea bass. The varied menu includes dishes made exclusively from fresh ingredients, from dim sum dumplings and chicken broths to hearty noodles with meat.

Specialties include breaded shrimp in wasabi sauce and traditional Singaporean herbal-rich lamb soup.

The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner, while the bar at the restaurant will operate as a new place for those who like to stay up late.

The best restaurants in Dubai Shanghai Me - Luxury Stays


This is one of the establishments of the famous Turkish chef Nusret Gokce, who became famous for cooking delicious juicy steaks. It became the basis of the menu in all his restaurants. The restaurant is very popular: despite the mandatory registration, there is always a queue at the door. For a long time, chef Nusret Gokce traveled to different countries and studied meat cooking in the best restaurants in the world. The menu includes classic steaks, meat on the bone, fried, stewed, and grilled veal, beef, and lamb.

It is quite noisy in the hall and not only because of the numerous guests. The chefs “finish” many dishes right on the tables in front of the visitors: they cut the meat, separate it from the bone, and add spices. All this is done very virtually and looks like a real show.

All meat lovers should definitely visit this place. We recommend the most tender Lokum beef steak with goat cheese salad, potato croquettes, mushrooms, and onion flowers. By the way, stars of the first magnitude love to dine in this institution. Recently, Leonardo DiCaprio visited there.

The best restaurants in Dubai Nusret - Luxury Stays


Ossiano is one of the chicest and most popular restaurants at the incredible Atlantis the Palm overlooking the lagoon. An underwater restaurant with a giant aquarium for 65,000 inhabitants is a place to be in itself. At dinner, you can admire colorful exotic fish. A magical place with an elegant and sophisticated interior and a wonderfully cozy atmosphere.

Live music is played here in the evenings. The menu includes gourmet international cuisine and a huge selection of exotic cocktails that combine fruit and herbal notes. People come here primarily for the atmosphere and seafood, but if we talk about regional features, then the focus of the cuisine is on the Mediterranean version of Catalan cuisine. They serve cuttlefish stewed in their ink, lobster gazpacho, and crab meat in orange sauce.

The best restaurants in Dubai Ossiano - Luxury Stays

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