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Best time to travel to Dubai

When is the best time of year to visit Dubai for a desert safari, and what is the perfect season for a beach holiday? In this article, we will consider the features of the UAE climate and figure out which months the weather corresponds to different purposes of tourist or business trips.

Best time to travel to Dubai - Luxury Stays

The territory of the United Arab Emirates is located in the tropical zone, and in the north, it adjoins the subtropical zone. This latitude is characterized by high air temperature and seasonality. Many tropical countries have a rainy season during which most of the annual precipitation falls and even floods occur.

The Emirates are warm all year round. According to the Ministry of Environment, the average annual temperature is +28°C, and the maximum reaches +48°C on the coast and +50°C in the desert. An average of 100 millimeters of precipitation falls per year with 360 sunny days. In coastal areas, air humidity can reach up to 90%, but the average is about 55%.

Daytime temperatures in Dubai can range from +23°C to +48°C per month, depending on the location, if it's desert or sea coast. Comfortable weather in Dubai is established from October to May when moderately hot days turn into cool nights.

The winter temperature in Dubai

Winter in Dubai cannot be called harsh. During the day, the temperature can reach +25°C, and at night it does not fall below +14°C. In December, the highest level of air humidity in the year, although is not considered high (up to 60%). During the four winter months, from December to March, almost all of the annual rainfall falls in Dubai.

In winter, the Emirate has favorable conditions for walking and outdoor activities. The weather is no longer suitable for swimming, because from the second half of December the sea warms up only to + 18-20°C, and the wind on the coast can reach 10 meters per second. The winter season is suitable for fans of outdoor activities or long walks: at this temperature, it is comfortable to spend a lot of time outdoors. The weather in Dubai in January is suitable for trips to the desert on a jeep safari or visiting Bedouin settlements. On such excursions, you need to take warm clothes. After sunset, it becomes cold in the desert, and daylight hours in winter are short. The sun sets at about 6 pm.

Best time to travel to Dubai, Winter - Luxury Stays

The climate of Dubai in the spring months

At the beginning of spring, the sea does not have time to warm up yet, but in the second half of the season, you can swim. The water temperature during the day reaches +23°C, and the air temperature is up to +27°C. The full feeling of summer is hindered only by the winter wind, which finally subsides only in April.

April is perfect for family holidays. Dubai turns into a beach resort with an average daytime temperature of +30°C, and at night the thermometer does not fall below +20°C. Exhausting heat has not yet set in, and the water temperature of +25°C is suitable for children. There is almost no precipitation in April, but in the early morning and the evenings there are fogs, which can sometimes hide the view from the high-altitude observation decks of Dubai. In May, Dubai has the lowest relative humidity - about 42%, and the likelihood of a sandstorm is minimal. Therefore, the season is suitable for both active and beach holidays. The water in the sea is guaranteed to be warm, during the day up to +28°C.

In the first half of May, you can still go on excursions during the day without the risk of overheating in the sun. From the second half of the month, it becomes dangerous to stay outdoors for a long time: the daytime temperature rises to +38°C. The heat will be easier to bear by the sea due to the light breeze.

Best time to travel to Dubai, Spring - Luxury Stays

Summer weather in Dubai

In the summer, daylight hours in the UAE last for 13 hours, and the sun sets at about 7:00 pm. Although it doesn’t rain all summer in Dubai, the air here is humid due to the proximity to the Persian Gulf, so the heat is hard to bear.

In summer, humidity on the coast in Dubai can rise to 90%. Under the scorching sun, excess moisture fades from the surface of the sea, so during the day, the coolness is not felt even near the water.

In early June, you can sunbathe and swim until about 10 am, and in the second half of the month, summer heat comes to the UAE. The average daily temperature in July and August is 35°C, during the day the thermometer rarely drops below 40°C.

The degree of Dubai summer is rapidly growing in July. The air temperature during the day easily reaches +42°C, and the water temperature in the Persian Gulf is up to +35°C. At night, the heat drops by only 10 degrees.

August is the most extreme month to travel to the UAE. The temperature is kept at around +42-44°C, and the sea does not cool down even at night. During the day it is difficult to be outside for more than half an hour, and it is dangerous to sunbathe even in the morning because of the threat of sunburn and climatic hypoxia, which can develop when the oxygen level in the hot air drops.

At peak temperatures, the UAE authorities announce restrictions on the regime: on certain days you can not go outside after 10 am and until 3 pm. Residents prefer to take a vacation during this time and leave for cooler countries.

Best time to travel to Dubai, Summer - Luxury Stays

The climate of the UAE in the autumn months

Autumn is the best time of the year for a tourist trip to Dubai. In September, the summer heat persists, but the coast gradually cools. Daytime recreation in parks and open areas is no longer dangerous.

If the first half of September in the UAE is no different from the exhausting summer, the second half is much more pleasant for a beach holiday. In October in Dubai, the average daytime air temperature is around +30°C, but the water near the coast cools down to +27°C. So. swimming in the sea is no longer like diving into a hot bath.

In the second half of October, tourists return to the Emirates and the high season begins. Tourist restaurants and cafes, amusement parks, and beach clubs are reopening. In November, the daily air temperature drops to +32-35°C, and the water temperature up to 25°C. In the same month, winter winds come to Dubai. Although November is considered rainy, rain falls only 3-4 times and is usually short.

November is also worth highlighting as the main month for cultural and business events.

Best time to travel to Dubai, Autumn - Luxury Stays

The best time to rent a luxury villa in Dubai

Depending on the purpose of the trip, you can choose the right time to stay in Dubai. If the main goal is a beach holiday, then the end of autumn and the beginning of winter are best suited. At this time, many offers are available from SPAs, tour organizers, and amusement parks.

A suitable period for outdoor activities, safari tours, excursions to eco-farms, and national reserves is from December to March when the weather is relatively cool in Dubai. If you want to combine an excursion program with shopping, you should focus on the beginning of the year as annual sales are held from January 24 to February 24.

Also, if you want to rent luxury houses in Dubai, check out Luxury Stays. Our company will find you the best accommodation in Dubai, where you can feel comfortable in any weather. In the spring or summer heat, you will definitely enjoy our villas with swimming pools and air conditioning. And even in rare rainy weather, you can enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of wine in front of the panoramic windows with a beautiful view.

Best time to rent a luxury villa in Dubai - Luxury Stays


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