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Dos and don'ts in Dubai

Dubai is a modern cosmopolitan and liberal state. Representatives of 133 nationalities live in the principality, professing various religions and adhering to their cultural traditions. Nevertheless, the dominant and basic culture in the country is the culture of the indigenous population is Arabs. The central place in their cultural and spiritual life belongs to Islam, which covers all aspects of the daily life of the local population. Despite the rapid social and economic progress achieved by the Principality in recent years, the indigenous people of Dubai retain their national traditions and customs, rituals, and norms of behavior that have developed over the centuries. In this article, we will describe the dos and don'ts of vacations in Dubai.

Dos and don'ts in Dubai - Luxury Stays

Luggage packing

Be careful when taking medications on the road. If the customs in the UAE find drugs containing narcotic substances among them, big problems can arise (up to imprisonment or a large fine). It is better to buy the necessary drug in local pharmacies.

It is not allowed to import printed and video products of a reprehensible or offensive nature. The importation of drugs, weapons, psychotropic substances, ivory, and homemade food is strictly prohibited. Also, in the UAE, you can enter with no more than 4 liters of alcoholic beverages or 2 blocks of beer.

Clothing rules

When visiting the United Arab Emirates, do not forget that this is a state where the laws of life are based on the provisions of the Koran and other religious principles. Therefore, there are special requirements for the appearance of residents and tourists. Women's clothing should not be very open or transparent. Also, excessively tight clothing, deep necklines, short sleeves, miniskirts and shorts, and revealing the abdomen are not welcome.

At this time, there are no severe consequences for breaking the dress code. Women are permitted to wear open bikinis on beaches. Only the specifications for visitors' clothing to mosques are rigorously adhered to. When visiting a mosque, a woman should cover her head, arms, and legs (floor-length skirt), while men should cover their shoulders (shirt with sleeves) and knees (trousers or long shorts below the knees). Nevertheless, it's better to respect the nation's traditions and founding principles.

Smoking and drinking in Dubai

The use of alcoholic beverages and being drunk in public places are subject to stringent regulations in the country. Alcohol is permitted in restaurants, clubs, hotel rooms, and apartments for visitors. The Dubai emirate is exempt from this relief, nevertheless. Even carrying alcohol on public transportation is prohibited. Criminal sanctions for violations might include a heavy fine of 2,000 dirhams or up to six months in jail.

Smoking is strictly prohibited in all public places. You can smoke only in specially equipped and specially designated areas. Visiting such "smoking rooms" is possible only for persons who have reached the age of twenty. Underage buyers are not permitted to purchase tobacco goods. Any advertising of tobacco products is strictly prohibited.

Photographing local people and places

It is considered impolite to photograph people without first obtaining their permission. Therefore, tourists should be more careful in trying to capture the appearance of residents on the camera of their phones. It is preferable to speak first and understand whether they agree to this. Photographing of local women is not allowed. It is not recommended to take photos inside the house in the absence of the owners, you can not take pictures of praying people and the interiors of mosques. Avoid pointing your camera at police stations, marinas, airports, and sheiks' palaces. Photographing or filming personal mansions and palaces of sheiks, military installations, and government institutions is strictly prohibited, even if you just want to imprint on their background.

Physical contact in public places

Strict restrictions on this romantic bodily contact in public places apply in all emirates of the Muslim state. Married couples are only permitted to hold hands at the most. For closer contact, such as kissing, hugging, touching the stomach, and intimate parts of the body, the same fine or imprisonment threatens. Regarding this matter, police enforcement agencies have a committed attitude. Foreign offenders are simply reprimanded. However, this does not imply that it is acceptable to break the laws of the host nation, as severe penalties have not been eliminated.

Rules in public transport

The subway in Dubai is divided into three sections: "silver", "gold" and "pink". The "silver" train is open to all passengers for a set fee. Those who are prepared to pay the double ticket can ride in the "golden" wagon, which has leather upholstery and extra-wide armrests. In the "pink" train, only ladies and kids under 12 are permitted to ride. A 100 dirham fine will be imposed on any man who is discovered riding in a "women's" wagon. Also, you can't take special places for disabled and pregnant women, even if there are none nearby.

Eating is absolutely prohibited while using public transportation. The guideline applies to chewing gum as well. The fine is comparable to that assessed for riding in an "unregistered" carriage.

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