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Best beaches in Dubai

If you decide to spend your holidays in Dubai, but don't know which beach to go to, we are here to help you!

Best beaches in Dubai - Luxury Stays

The pleasant climate of the region is preserved here for almost 12 months, so you can safely fly here for the sun and warmth. In the coldest time of the year (December-January), the average air temperature drops to +20-25 degrees Celsius.

Dubai has private and public beaches, but they are united by excellent nature and environment: the sand on the coast is clean, without natural debris, algae, or stones. The entrance to the water is gentle, which is the best suited for families with children. Oddly enough, some of the best beaches in Dubai are by no means private beaches, but public ones, available to everyone free of charge. That is, to experience a comfortable stay on a clean, pleasant beach with turquoise water in the UAE, there is no need to pay exorbitant prices for a hotel with its beach. However, paid holiday destinations are also in high demand, as the entrance fee is usually small, and there are entertainment and services for every taste.

Before you go to rest by sea, remember a few general rules of conduct that may not be obvious to a person of a different cultural order. On the beaches (and in other public places) in Dubai, you cannot:

  • Drink alcohol and smoke;

  • Walking dogs and other pets;

  • Wear a skimpy bikini;

  • Topless sunbathing;

  • Take pictures of people;

  • Go beyond the beach in a bathing suit.

So let's move on to our list of Dubai beaches:

Jumeirah Beach Residence or JBR

This is one of the most popular in Dubai, not only among visitors but also among the local population. In the high tourist season, the coast is quite crowded. The beach stretches for a couple of kilometers in the fashionable area of ​​the same name near the harbor of Dubai Marina. On the promenade along the beach stretches a pedestrian promenade with numerous cafes and restaurants, including chains such as McDonald's and Starbucks, a large supermarket, pharmacies, shopping centers, and fountains. You can swim, sunbathe, walk around, and eat deliciously. Nearby is Skydive Dubai, an extreme center where skydivers jump and gyrocopters fly every 20-30 minutes.

Attached is a view of the world's largest Ferris wheel, Ain Dubai, which will be located on the man-made island of Bluewaters Island.

Jumeirah Beach Residence or JBR - Luxury Stays

Al Sufouh

More secluded will be spending time on another city beach, which has a double name: Al Sufuh, or Sunset. It is called “semi-wild” and even “secret”. There are almost no amenities and entertainment on the shore, but it has a convenient location, as it is near the Palm Jumeirah and the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah hotel (in the form of a sail). The water is an absolutely stunning blue-green color. The entrance to the sea is very convenient, so the beach is great for families with children.

In addition, the beach has very convenient access, both for those who drive by car and for those traveling by public transport. The bus stop is within walking distance of the beach. Parking is also provided for cars. There is no entrance fee to Sunset Beach. Of the minuses- there are no toilets, changing rooms, or lifeguards. Shops, where you can buy drinking water and snacks, are at some distance.

Going to Al Sufuh Beach is worth it for everyone who wants a quiet relaxing holiday. However, at the same time, the beach is not far from the central districts of Dubai, which can be reached quickly and inexpensively from here.

Al Sufouh - Luxury Stays

La Mer

La Mer is a new urban beach in the Jumeirah area with a water park, restaurants, and shops. This is a real oasis with unusual colorful bungalows and art objects.

If you're traveling with kids, they can have some fun at the Laguna Waterpark and the futuristic Hawa Hawa inflatable trampoline complex. This place opened in 2018 and almost immediately won the hearts of beach lovers, so it's no wonder why there are so many visitors here. Dubai residents and tourists love La Mer. Additional services on the beach are paid for, but the entrance is not. The infrastructure on the beach is developed in the best way possible. There are cafes, sanitary zones, ski chairs and water transport, a playground, and lifeguards work.

La Mer - Luxury Stays

Kite Beach

Kite Beach is truly the most sporty beach in Dubai. This beach is not only for kitesurfers, but there are also volleyball courts, a skate park, trampolines, as well as training schools for surfers, kitesurfers, and windsurfers.

This magnificent place was chosen not so much by tourists as by Dubai residents themselves. The beach is wide but quite crowded, so it is unlikely that you will be able to retire here. Kite Beach has excellent food courts for those who like a hearty meal. There are also gyms, rope towns, a park for rollerblading and skateboarding, and various attractions. In general, the infrastructure here is set up specifically for people to have a good time.

Sun loungers and umbrellas are paid for, but the cost is small. Quite tangible waves sometimes float on the coastal zone, and strong winds often blow.

Kite Beach - Luxury Stays

Zero Gravity Beach Club

Dubai's Zero Gravity is a well-known beach club. In actuality, this is a restaurant by day and a nightclub by night with a private beach, pool, and views of Marina's buildings. Basically, companies or young couples gather in Zero Gravity to hang out in the pool and drink cocktails. ZG opens at 8 AM and is open until late at night. On this paid beach there is everything that a vacationer will definitely need:

  • Clean and stocked toilets

  • Shower cabins with gel, soap, shampoo, conditioners and body cream

  • Changing rooms with hair dryers and huge mirrors

  • Comfortable sunbeds in abundance

  • Pool with transparent walls (best for a photo shoot)

  • Delicious food and drinks

In addition, the entry fee serves as a deposit that may be used to purchase food and beverages.

And all this under palm trees, surrounded by slender skyscrapers that look especially epic at night, framed by incredible illumination. Zero Gravity closes at 7 PM, but its club part is just beginning to gush and fill with the public. After the specified time, persons under the age of 21 are not allowed to enter the territory.

Zero Gravity Beach Club - Luxury Stays

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