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5 Fun activities to do in Dubai

Dubai is one of the most visited cities in the world. In addition to the main attractions, there are many fascinating activities for tourists of all ages. So if you have already seen the Burj Khalifa and musical fountains, here is a list of fun and unusual things to do on vacation in Dubai.

Have fun and relax from the city heat in one of the water parks

Such leisure will be a great pleasure to adults and children, cos who does not like water parks, especially when it is so hot outside.

Aquapark Atlantis aquaventure

This water park has been the largest in Dubai for a long time. All of the 105 special attractions are only available here.

A remarkable example is the unique water slide Leap of Faith, which is going down at great speed. During the descent, you find yourself in a transparent tunnel that passes through an aquarium with beautiful sharks.

If you are still not a fan of adrenaline, then on the territory of this water park there is a beach with all the extras: a sandy beach, sun loungers, and cocktails. You can play volleyball on the beach or simply unwind there.


Wild Wadi Park is the greatest location if you want to rest while taking in a lovely view, thanks to the open space, the Burj Al Arab sail hotel, a Dubai landmark, is visible from every angle. In parallel with the most beautiful landscape, as many as 30 cool rides will be open to you, each of which is unique in its kind and will undoubtedly give you memorable emotions.

It is important to note that the Wild Wadi water park is among the safest, with crystal-clear turquoise water and 50 lifeguards and medical personnel on duty in case of emergency.


This water park can be conditionally divided into 4 amusement areas. Parents should not worry about their children's safety because it offers extreme sports enthusiasts and kids entertainment in several areas. Each zone has a focus, such as water slides, rest and relaxation, for kids, or surfing. No matter which part you select, each has a unique zest.


This is the biggest inflatable water park in the region, located right in the sea, 25 meters from the shore. The park's structures form the word "Dubai". Here you will find a fun and challenging obstacle course that will appeal to both kids and grown-ups. A full day of enjoyment in the water park is included in the ticket price. This means that after eating at one of the restaurants, you can return to the giant playground again and continue to develop strength and agility.

Build the tallest lego tower in Legoland

If you decided to spend the holidays with kids in Dubai, it is undoubtedly worth a visit. A huge number of unusual rides, games, and entertainment led by an international team of animators will make the visit one of the brightest events for a child. It's got it all: slides, tubing, racing, seawater pools with programmable waves, interactive games, animators, and tons of building blocks to assemble in an attempt to build the perfect world, or at least just a tower.

The land part consists of 5 thematic zones, each of which has its own feature. For example, there is a zone with pirate adventures and a zone dedicated to the theme of kingdoms with magnificent castles and knightly armor. In the Factory section, you can learn how the designer is made and pull the levers on the toy conveyor. And there are 40 attractions for all ages, souvenir shops, and cafes.

The water park adds 20 more slides, tubing for rafting on the river, and a pool with artificial waves. In general, everything looks like a real wonder of the world in the middle of the desert.

Go skiing in 40-degree heat at Ski Dubai

In Dubai, anything is possible, so here you can even put on your skis or snowboard and slide from a height of 60 meters.

The Ski Dubai ski complex covers a surface area of 22,000 square meters, and the snow never melts there. The ski complex has 5 slopes, a 90-meter snowboarding track, sledding slopes, ski lifts, ski equipment, and warm clothing rentals. The price of the visit includes the use of skiing accessories: ski goggles, boards, sleds, and more, and watching the daily penguin show constantly delights tourists and their families. It also provides skiing training services, starting from childhood (3-5 years).

Explore the rainforest, which is home to over 3,000 plants and animals

The Green Planet Zoological Museum is an indoor complex located in Dubai. Having its own ecosystem, the center amazes every visitor with its reality. It houses more than 3,000 plants and animals. It's like a real tropical forest under the roof: birds fly right over your head, an iguana wanders under your feet, and a sloth hangs right on the railing! It is forbidden to touch plants and feed animals, but you are always welcome to admire this exotic nature. The greenhouse, popular with visitors of all ages, consists of four tiers: "Crown", "Middle Level", "Forest Paths" and "Rainforest after a rainstorm". At each level, you will be told about the important role that rainforests play in the life of our planet. A walk among the waterfalls will give you a lot of unforgettable experiences.

Get to know the cultures of different countries in the Global Village

Global Village Dubai is a grand fair that used to run during the winter shopping festival, and now, due to its great popularity, is held from November to April. According to the idea, each participating country creates its own pavilion on the territory, which should acquaint the visitor with the life and cultural traditions of its people, and demonstrate and offer ethnic attributes, outfits, goods, and souvenirs. Once here, you literally make a kind of round-the-world trip. And how could it be otherwise, if all parts of the world are here in the form of their own representations at a distance of a few meters. Just imagine what color and solemnity reigns here literally every evening. All participants are sincerely trying to convey their ethnic identity and uniqueness, embodied in masterpiece handicrafts, handicrafts, household items, jewelry, dishes, and incense.

Regardless of what you choose, any activity from this list will bring you pleasure and joy. So pack your bags and we'll help you find the perfect property to rent in Dubai. Bon voyage!


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